January 16th, 2017

cooking: sunlitdays

A good start

2016 was not a good year for my stress eating. :P

That's when I overeat. When my stress levels get too high. Between the problems professionally and the election, I had more bad months than good months, and I pretty much stopped caring about anything after November started. When I'm stressed, I want something to make me feel good, and food does that. Exercise sure as hell doesn't. I do not know what these endorphins are everybody but me seems to get to experience.

But I'm trying to make 2017 better. I started double-tracking today--both on my app for WW and in the new workout/food diary I got for myself--and I went back to the gym. Twice, actually. Once for yoga this morning--gentle because I've not been in over six months--and once again this evening for some cardio. I have lost any stamina I might've had, but hey, I got to read two chapters so I'll take what I can get.

Food was on point, too, oddly enough. I got a new cookbook for Christmas--But I Could Never Go Vegan--and I tried the first recipe from it the other night. Broccoli and quinoa tabbouleh with a tahini-lemon dressing. I had leftover dressing--that's my one quibble with it, I only used half the dressing it made--and most of the veg, so I made another batch of it tonight. We won't be going full-on vegan, but I'm drastically cutting back on animal products again. As long as I can keep food interesting, it's easier for me to stick to eating more healthily.

Menu is all planned for tomorrow, but I might not get to the gym the way I want. Tuesday is the cheap night at the theater, and I haven't seen a ton of recent releases. I'd dying to see La La Land, and Hidden Figures, and I still haven't seen Moana...the list is very extensive.

I guess we'll see.