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I should be going to bed soon. It's after eleven, I stopped being productive hours ago, and going to sleep sooner means waking up sooner and then only having a day before Craig gets back. I just can't seem to focus enough to make it upstairs.

Alex has been having a rough time sleeping this week. Last night he woke up at 10:30 from a nightmare and not even walking around cuddling him could stop him from crying. Usually it only takes a hug from me to get him to quiet, but not last night. So, as a last resort, I laid him on my bed on Craig's side. Within a minute, he was fast asleep and didn't make another sound all night. I guess I'm not the only one who finds comfort in Craig things. Tonight, I actually had to bring him downstairs for half an hour to cuddle with me before he was willing to try going to bed again. Poor little guy.

I've been tracking my word count on a spreadsheet and shocked myself when I realized I've written over 76,000 words so far this month. Frost, Echoes, ficathons, blurbs, really adds up. I understand why Craig thinks I could be so productive if I only wrote my original fic. I think I needed the concreteness of the spreadsheet tallies to prove it to me.

Is anybody thinking of going to the Angel Booster Bash in Los Angeles at the end of July? psubrat and I are going, have already bought our tickets. We couldn't resist after Alexis got placed on the guest list. They're selling photo ops with Alexis and Stephanie Romanov together and calling them the "Twisted Cupid" photo op. I had to get one. They're also doing a Mercedes McNab/Julie Benz op, calling it the Mercedes-Benz, but there is no way in hell I'm paying money to have my picture taken with two tiny, beautiful blondes. No way in hell. I'm not stupid or a masochist. Still, we're so excited about going. Now, if only they would add James to the line-up; it would be a perfect con for me then. :)

I owe comments again. I suck.

And I'm signing off on this day---so productive in some ways, so fitful in others---with the words of Sir Walter Scott. "The will to do, the soul to dare." It's all about the risk, people. Wanting something isn't enough. You have to use that want to actually do it.

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