November 9th, 2016

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I spent most of my night sick to my stomach. And crying. And then getting sick again. While Hillary was definitely not my first choice, when the electoral college process means the president will either be someone who has never done a day of public service in his life and wants to stack the Supreme Court with conservative judges that will take back the rights women, LGBT+, non-Christians, and minorities have fought to have for decades, or a woman who at least is familiar with how our government works and will be a balance against a Republican-controlled House and Senate, the choice was obvious.

My vote wasn't about me. It was about everybody. Though I might loathe the misogynists and religious right on principle, I voted for a country that would uphold their rights as much as they would uphold the rights of others. I'm saddened I was so wrong about our country that they would fall prey to the fear.

At least California got it right. Plus, we legalized marijuana tonight. I am never leaving this state unless I absolutely have to. :P
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Looking for YA suggestions

In a desperate bid to not think about the election and have it ruin my day completely, I'm throwing myself into holiday planning. There's one item I'd like my flist's help with.

Every year, I buy Alicia a new book set to read. It's typically been a YA series of some sort, like Hunger Games and Daughter of Smoke & Bone. I'm looking for suggestions because I've been ignoring the YA market the past year or two. She loves fantasy and strong heroines, and typically isn't a big fan of stories that center on romance. Other types slip in there--some John Green, for example--so if a series is fantastic, please feel free to recommend it. Then I can take the list to compare it to her library to see what she might not have.

Oh, and the series should be complete or mostly so. She's not a fan of having to wait, lol.