August 26th, 2016

cooking: sunlitdays

Revelations come at the oddest times

I had a revelation this morning at my WW meeting about my mood swings and doldrums lately.

See, my success last year came at a time when we went mostly vegetarian. I was doing mostly whole foods and mostly limiting complex carbs to beans, lentils, and green vegetables. It worked well for me and in many ways resembled my diet when I went low-carb in my late 20s and got my health under control. (Seriously. Before I went low-carb, I had no regular cycle. I could have three cycles one year and fifteen the next. Six weeks after I eliminated most sugars from my diet, I had a 30-day cycle that has been consistent for the most part for the last 18 years.)

My diet for the past month has shifted. Having a third teenager in the house, especially one who lives on carbs and has a metabolism that doesn't quit, has me cooking more of them. With WW, as long as you track and don't go over your points for the day, you can eat whatever you want. So I started eating more carbs.

I'm convinced that's the root of the problem. In spite of being on track in every possible way--and at the middle of my cycle when my weight is lowest--my weight is actually four pounds higher than it was three weeks ago. Plus, I know for a fact--from monitoring my blood sugar for three years straight with my pregnancies since I had gestational diabetes--that my body reacts very negatively to sugar in any form. My mood swings are very indicative to my blood sugar going bonkers. It's happened in the past, but it's been a while and I'd forgotten until this morning.

So I'm cleaning everything out. I just have to deal with the fact that I can't eat like the kids do and make my own food. My health and wellbeing pretty much demand it.