July 31st, 2016

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

I love board games

The best games store in the area for us is about 20 minutes away, and today was their semi-annual Ding & Dent sale. They had 20,000 units--mostly board games--from the warehouse that were slightly damaged for 30-70% off. Our kind of deal. Since the girls were at the overnight camping trip, Alex and I made plans to go just the two of us. It started at 11, but I didn't want to be insane and arrive early. So we got there at 11:10.

It was insane. It's not a huge store to begin with. The floor plan for sales and display is probably 20 feet wide and 40 feet deep. Then there's a large area in the back about half the size of the display floor for gaming when they have it. (They're currently in the process of expanding considerably. It's going to be glorious when they're done.) People were already checking out when we arrived, and the checkout line wound back and forth across the width of the store four times. We had to fight our way through just to get into the line that would get us into the ding & dent sale in the back area. It took us twenty minutes just to get back there and start browsing, then an hour of queueing to buy our stash. Apparently, people started lining up to get into the sale at 7:30. Yeah, I don't think so. Not for board games.

But Alex and I still managed to get away with quite a haul:

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