July 23rd, 2016

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Maybe now I'm back...

Man, every time I intend to come back these days, I end up getting caught up in busy real life stuff and failing to post again. All I can say this time is that I hope this time sticks. :P

We are six days away from our exchange student arriving. We're all more than a little excited. There was a host family get-together today with the local coordinator, though Alicia couldn't make it. She's currently at drum major camp and won't get home until tomorrow. But it sounds like our families have a lot in common, all the way down to some of our planned getaways for our students, lol. I'm not quite ready for her, but hopefully I'll have that fixed by Tuesday.

Alex had his registration this past week for school, and unsurprisingly, they messed up his schedule the same way Alicia's got messed up last year. For whatever reason, the school finds it hard to believe that any student would want to take two math classes at the same time. We put in a change so he can get his algebra 2/trig class along with his geometry class. Fingers crossed it goes through. His eighth grade teacher approved of it already so it should be a formality. Hopefully.

Alicia's registration is Monday. Craig and I have to work the Band Boosters table on Monday, too, though different shifts. We'll have to wait for a lull in the lines so the one of us not working can take her through.

Otherwise, life goes on in our house. Craig goes to Sacramento tomorrow to pick up Alicia from camp, while I need to buckle down and get some edits done. And I'm going to get back to my posting routine tomorrow. I mean it this time, lol.