May 5th, 2016

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

30-day Challenge - Day 19

I'm skipping some of the next few days on the 30 day challenge meme. Someone I fancy? I just posted celebrity crushes, which leaves Craig and that's obvious. What would I do on my last day? Spend it with my family. Probably on a boat because that would make them happy. What do I want to be when I get older? Alive is trite, and I'm already doing a lot of what I want. TV show I'm addicted to? Meh. Nothing right now that I can't live without. There are shows that I obsess when they're on, like Black Sails, but on the hiatus, that has ebbed.

Which gets me to day 19.

Day 19: A list of all the places you've lived at.

It's a long list. With duplicates. I've moved a *lot* in my life, and I don't even have a military family to blame it on. This is from birth. Each new number is a move. This does not include multiple addresses in the same city unless they weren't concurrent.

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