March 27th, 2016

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

30-day Challenge - Day 10


Day 10: If you could only live off one food and one drink for the rest of your days, what would it be?

Silly question, so I'll ignore the health side of it with my answer and pick favorites which I think is the real intention. Food is easy. Sushi. Rainbow rolls if I have to limit it to one. And the drink would be unsweetened iced tea.

With that out of the way, it's been a busy couple of days. The girl who does my hair has been on maternity leave since October, and rather than have somebody else color me, I waited for her to come back. The gray was starting to kill me, and I almost broke and made an appointment with someone else, but I managed to last until yesterday when I could finally see her. The gray is gone, and the red is back. :) It's darker than usual, but the important thing was to cover at this point. I'll go brighter as we get closer to summer. Even better, I'm even closer to the Black Widow hair I've wanted since Avengers. I can't look like Scarlett Johansson or have her body, but damn it, I'm going to have that gorgeous hair, lol.

Today was Craig's birthday, so that was our focus. Translation: we were sloths. I did a full English breakfast--well, brunch, since Alex wasn't thinking when we put away groceries on Friday and put the bacon in the freezer instead of the fridge--then we had grilled lamb and fruit salad for dinner. And Cadbury mini eggs for snacks. While we watched movies all day. Nothing new, but mindless entertainment. The 3rd Jurassic Park movie (because we watched the first two last night), Tremors, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (which Craig had never seen), Who Framed Roger Rabbit (because that's probably one of our favorite movies of all time), and Book of Life.

We did manage to get the new sofa set in the family room yesterday, and Alicia's new bed frame up to her room now that they're done painting it. That counts as being productive, right?