March 11th, 2016

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30-day Challenge - Day 7


Day 7: Do you read? What are your favorite books?

Haha. Do I read. That's a silly question. One of my primary definitions of my self is a reader.

Favorite books is harder. I read a *ton*. And I'm hard to please. I've learned to give up on books within the first three chapters if it's not going to work for me because life is too short to waste on books I'll hate.

That being said, there are definitely books that I value, from different times in my life. I'm picking five from each period, and while not all of them are necessarily great, they affected or influenced me for one reason or another.

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These lists could've been longer. Most definitely. Though I think it's very telling the titles that spring first to mind when I imagine each period of life. Each has shaped me, and frankly, I don't think would surprise anyone who knew me this intimately. Though maybe, only Craig would be privy to all of this information. :)