March 7th, 2016

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30-day Challenge - Day 3


Day 3: Your day, in great detail

Craig left for Seattle last night, which means I sleep like crap. I woke up at 4:30, wide awake after only four hours sleep, but somehow drifted off an hour later, only to be jerked awake when my alarm went off at 6:30. I got dressed, then went downstairs to feed/water the cats and let Lucy out of the kennel. Alicia got up early so I could run her to school when I took Alex, and we went through the usual plans for the day. The rain canceled her softball game on Friday, and she was supposed to have another one today, but the weather changed that, too.

Once the kids were off, I came home and fixed my breakfast. My morning was a lot of house stuff--cleaning out closets, doing laundry--but my hip was really bad today. Every little movement hurt. Even sitting hurt. I tried taking acetaminophen but that didn't touch it. After I'd run a package to the post office, I decided to take it easy and sat down to do some paperwork on the computer (since sitting hurts less than moving). I put "The Immigrant" on Netflix for some background noise, mostly because I adore Jeremy Renner though it wasn't very good. I prepped dinner--portabella fajitas--before running to pick up Alicia from school and getting Starbucks to treat her and Alex. Smoked butterscotch frappuccinos. I took a sip. Very weird.

Dinner at six, followed by curling up on the couch with Alicia. We had a long talk about me, actually. She wanted me to know how proud she was of me for how much more healthily I'm approaching the weight loss and getting stronger. How days like today would've set me back before, how I actually have fewer painful days than I used to. She wanted me to see that others are seeing how hard I'm working and how determined I am. Have I mentioned how much I adore my daughter? It was exactly what I needed to hear.

Then it was to the gym for an hour on the elliptical. For the first time all day, my hip didn't hurt afterward. And now I'm home again, watching "That 70s Show" with Alicia. I think I'm going to do some online shopping in a bit. Retail therapy is always fun.

Isn't my life exciting, lol?