February 21st, 2016

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

A comedy with cars

Craig and I went and saw "The Lady in the Van" today. It's the (mostly) true story about the woman who lived in Alan Bennett's driveway for fifteen years. Maggie Smith was absolutely wonderful in it, and we both really enjoyed it, though Craig has been an Alan Bennett fan for years. We walked out of the theater with intentions to go do some shopping, only to discover that Craig's car wouldn't start. The battery was dead. AAA came to jump us, but it basically meant that I finally got Craig to admit he needs to get a new car. I've been nagging him about it for a year. He has a 2006 Mazda6, and frankly, it's a piece of crap, but he hates buying cars so he's been stalling.

So after we got home, we switched over to my car and headed to the Ford dealership. I have a Flex, and Craig's two favorite cars have been Fords. Starting there makes sense. He's very picky about cars, mostly because he has rugby player shoulders. Most sedans aren't comfortable for him. We discovered that the new model of the Taurus (the model he's been lamenting not owning since 2008) doesn't work for him anymore. On the other hand, we also learned that the Mustang has gone back to a model design we both love. He's going to check out a few other dealerships this week, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed we end up going with a Mustang. Man, do I have a soft spot for those.

I also watched last night's "Black Sails" this morning...Collapse )