February 15th, 2016

mood - pooped puppy: angstchic

A gaming weekend

It was a long, exhausting weekend at Dundracon, but definitely fun. Alicia and I got to play the deck-building version of Resident Evil Saturday, then she went on to play two different miniatures games with Craig while Alex focused on open gaming. I ended up reading while they were playing in the evening, which was more than fine by me. On Sunday, Alicia, Alex and I spent seven hours learning how to play Leaving Earth from its creator. I'd read reviews of the game, which all loved it but talked about how complex it was, and they were right. There's a lot of math in the game, so much so you have to have scribble pads to work out scenarios. The game covers 20 years, from 1956-1977, with players playing one of five different countries in their race to get into space.

Then there was shopping--new dice, fun t-shirts, chain mail jewelry--and getting to spend time with my family. I call it all a win.

Today was a step back toward routine. I watched Black Sails since I hadn't had a chance on Saturday...Collapse )