January 26th, 2016

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Fighting the blues

My blues continues. I hate it. I know what has to be done in regards to writing, but when it comes time to do it, I make excuses. I'm so adrift right now that I'm questioning whether or not I should be taking this as a sign. Do I give up writing altogether? Is it time to find a new path? Go back to school? Anything? I seriously don't know, and it's getting in the way of everything else, including trying to actually enjoy the rest of my life.

So in an attempt to actively ignore my blues, I went to an impromptu movie tonight with Alicia. Just the two of us, hanging out, because I want to appreciate it while I can. Of course, the only thing we could see by the time we decided we were going was Ride Along 2, but hey, I got to hang out with her and the movie was half-price, so all was good in the end.