January 22nd, 2016

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Writing and Blacklist

I had this window to post last night and then somehow forgot about it. That's pretty indicative of my mindset these days. I'm so overwhelmed by what I have to do with my original work that I've stalled out now that the administrative part is done. I started tackling some rewrites/edits last weekend, but when I reached a point a third of the way in where I knew I needed to add more material, I just drew a blank. I've been hitting the same wall in regards to fic, too, which scares the bejesus out of me. I keep using my entertaining my FIL as an excuse to get off the computer, and while it's valid to a degree, I also know exactly what I'm doing in regards to stalling.

It's frustrating to say the least.

It didn't stop me from signing up for shipswap and it's not going to stop me from camelotremix. I need to get off my butt. At the very least, the FIL leaves three weeks from today, so I'll have no more excuses then. Alicia's birthday will be past - she turns 16 and her BFF has been planning a surprise party the weekend before FIL leaves - and it will be back in my normal routine. Or finding it again, anyway.

In other news, the kids have picked their summer courses and now it's just a waiting game to see if they get their first choice. They should since it's relatively early. Alicia wants a leadership/civics course at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, while Alex is hoping for a computer science course in LA. It's the first time she'll be leaving the state for the course, so she's excited about that. I'm kind of excited that she's on the east coast. It's an excuse for Craig and I to maybe go to NYC for a few days around the same time. Plus, we have friends in Annapolis, and Baltimore was the first place Craig and I met in person so it's a bit nostalgic for that purpose, too.

And can I squee about Blacklist for a moment? Collapse )