January 20th, 2016

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I can't post if we don't have Internet

I didn't mean to go three days in a row of not posting. I'd already decided to take Sundays off unless I had something I absolutely had to share, so that was one. Then, on Monday, Craig and I went to a last minute 10pm showing of "Spotlight" so I was too tired by the time I got home to post. Then yesterday, our Internet went down in the evening, so that put the kibosh on posting then.

So here it is Wednesday.

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In fandom news, signups have opened for shipswap. It's been a rare pairing ship swap in the past, but they lifted that restriction this year. Merlin/Arthur was nominated, as was Buffy/Spike (as well as other ships in both fandoms, and a whole slew of additional fandoms). Assignments aren't due until April 19th, and you can do art as well as fic, so if you're looking for an exchange, check it out.

I also saw today that camelotremix will have signups start on February 1. As scary as it was last year, I'm all over this again. Seriously, I think it really pushed me in ways I don't get pushed very often, and I'm really proud of the story that came out as a result.