January 12th, 2016

mood - pooped puppy: angstchic

How can it only be Tuesday?

I am waiting for the day when I can actually do something fun or just for myself. I'm sure they exist. I seem to remember some of them over the holiday, but then 2016 came and they all went scattering.

Today it was the dentist and errands and school pickups and then taking not only Alex to his guitar lesson but also my friend's son because she--as usual--double-booked her life and needed me to bail her out. My life would probably be a lot calmer if she didn't need me so much. And I couldn't say no because a) I already had her son because I picked him up from school, b) they live near us, and c) guitar is only two miles. She runs Alicia around a lot, too (though it's almost never because I ask, more like Alicia is where her daughter is and my friend finds it impossible not to baby her daughter--we live three blocks from the high school and my friend almost always drives the girls instead of dropping her daughter off so they can walk because the daughter might whine or my friend will feel guilty).

On the plus side, I found out A Great Big World is coming to San Francisco in March, so I'm keeping an eye out for when tickets go on sale so I can buy some for Alicia, me, and friends. I've been trying to catch them for a while. We absolutely love those guys, so fingers crossed.

I don't have high hopes for tomorrow. Bruiser has his one-month follow-up on his radiation treatment to find out how his thyroid is doing (I'm thinking it'll be good, he's putting weight on again and looks better), Alex has piano, and I have more errands to run. I so need a do-over on this year. :P