December 9th, 2015

cooking - cookie andrew: blond_bear

First day of cookies

I'm in baking mode. Friday is Alicia's band concert, and I'm baking cookies for the bake sale. I volunteered for it, so I'm not annoyed or anything, but man, I'm tired. I'm making eight kinds, three of which I got done today, eighteen dozen in total so far. Orange creamsicle cookies (these were a huge hit at the last bake sale), ginger molasses (because it wouldn't be the holiday if it there weren't a ginger cookie), and a chocolate peanut bar that tastes so close to peanut butter cups it's a little scary.

Tomorrow, it's brownies, raspberry crumbles, a butter cookie with candy cane kisses on it, and cocoa kisses.

I'm curious to see what my weigh-in on Friday is going to be. I'm actually being uber-good so it would be nice if the two cookies I've nicked so far don't sabotage me. I don't think they will. The beer I had afterward might not help, however. :)