November 9th, 2015

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Fic Rec: Unwind (Mad Max: Fury Road, Furiosa/Max)

Author: battle_cat
Pairing(s): Furiosa/Max
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 1626
Warnings: None
Summary: Furiosa comes back from a trading mission to the Bullet Farm and needs to relax.

Why I loved it: I've been eager to find Fury Road fic since I fell in love with the movie and got back to reading, so I was so happy to find a little PWP that sounded exactly like the characters I loved so much. It also shines where really good PWP can - by giving deep, real emotions along with the smut.
tv - pretty (wes/fred): behindblue_eyes


I've been binge watching Weeds over the past couple weeks. I never watched the show when it aired and had only a vague knowledge of what it was about, but it came up as a possibility to watch when I finished my last show, and in a moment of weakness, I tried it out.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit I finished all eight seasons in just over two weeks. In my defense, there's only a dozen or so episodes each season, and it was a half-hour program, so...yeah, still embarrassed. And the thing of it is, the characters were so over-the-top, it wasn't like I was relating to them or anything. Or dying of laughter.

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