November 8th, 2015

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Grumpy me

It was a cleaning weekend. Craig's dad arrives in just over two weeks, and the house needs to be ready for him. Mostly because if it's not, he'll clean it himself, which he's going to do for the three months he's staying with us, but it would be nice if he didn't have to do it right away.

Craig leaves for Seattle on Tuesday, so it's just me and the kids for the bulk of the week. I'm already hormonal as hell, so I don't think it's going to be a good week at all. I couldn't even really enjoy "Inside Out" which we finally got to see tonight for the first time. It had its moments, but I spent most of the film thinking, "This is it?" I feel like such a scrooge saying that.

Reading fic makes me realize how tough I am to please. I back out of anything that has a typo in the first paragraph or if it triggers my internal editor. Of the dozen or so stories I open every night to read, I probably finish only a couple of them. In some ways, it makes me sad that I have such a hard time enjoying fandoms in that way. I was always hard to please before I started publishing, but now, especially since I edit now, too, it's gotten worse.

Gah. I need to get some sleep. Hopefully I'll be in a better mood in the morning.