October 13th, 2015

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Rectober Post #4 - Merlin

Title:They say that the bedtime for stories is the best time for master-servant communication
Artist: AlexandarCho
Characters: Merlin, Arthur
Rating: G
Warnings: Overwhelming cuteness (mine, lol)
Summary: The most caring manservant/manny of Camelot is telling his young master, the golden princeling, an intriguing bedtime story.

Why I loved it: I dare anybody to look at this art and not fall in love with both of them. Arthur is adorable and perfect, the shading and colors are gorgeous, and it's just absolutely beautiful.
merlin - arthur hopeful: sallyna_smile

It's all about the issues

I actually managed to get some writing done today. 1k on my Arthur/Percival fluff. It's only supposed to be a 1k minimum, but there's no way this is going to be that short. I'm looking at 4k most likely, if it doesn't stretch into more (which it could). It would be nice to get this off soon. I hate leaving people waiting.

We watched the Democratic debate tonight. While I don't agree with him on everything, I do adore Bernie Sanders. He's my pick, though Craig seems to think Biden will throw his name into the ring with promises of Elizabeth Warren as a running mate. I don't see that happening, but man, that would be nice. I love her to pieces, though frankly, I'd rather she stay where she is and actually get shit done then get stuck playing the politics game. Though he never really had a chance, Chaffee really shot himself in the foot with the admission of voting in favor of something he had no idea what he was voting on. If anything, O'Malley did the best of the three nobodies, positioning himself pretty well for a vice president possibility.

It was nice to see a debate about issues and not personal attacks.