September 26th, 2015

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Tomorrow is the vacation

The kids have started their fall break, so we're taking a little family vacation. Tomorrow, we drive down to LA for a few days. Monday is Universal, Tuesday is the deluxe tour at Warner Brothers, and Wednesday, well, we haven't figured that one out yet. We drive back on Thursday, so it really is just a little vacation, but after the last couple weeks, anything we get is a bonus.

We couldn't go for longer, anyway. Alicia has a ton of marching band practices the second week of their break. And frankly, my hips have been pretty bad the past week so a few days might be all I can manage. When we get back, my friend L and I are going back to Weight Watchers. I need the accountability again, and after seeing spikesgurl last weekend and how great she's doing with it again, I'm inspired. Craig is doing great on his new eating plan--he's down 25 pounds in the last two months--but I can't stick to it the way he does. So back to WW it is.