September 23rd, 2015

audrey hepburn: saturnswirls

Cute shoes makes things better

The world is conspiring against me again. I have a To Do pile a mile long, and not much time to finish it. On the plus side (at least until I realized after she left how much I had ignored while she was here), I had company over the weekend, which meant lots of shopping and girl time. Plus, cute shoes!

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In other news, my kids are growing up too fast. Alicia's date went well, and it turns out, the boy (who is now officially a boyfriend) is going to be her partner in one of her best friend's quinceanera in December. Her original partner dropped out, and the boyfriend was willing to step in.

The other child? My little boy? Shaved for the first time today. In all honesty, I've been wanting him to start shaving for months. He started getting fuzzy right after he turned 13 last December, and the chin caught up with the upper lip over the summer. Craig got him an electric razor over the weekend and today was its debut. He looks 13 again.