July 25th, 2015

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What's this thing called productivity?

Productivity is overrated, right? Please tell me that. I spent a good part of day doing stuff, just not the stuff that actually *needs* to get done.

First, we went out doing yard sales. We only do it a few times a year, but Craig likes to buy broken electronics to fix up, and I always looks for books and things like that. Today, the very first house we stopped at had boxes of books lined up on the sidewalk. As I started glancing through, the woman running the sale came over and told me all the books were free. She just wanted them gone.

That's a very dangerous thing to say to someone with a book addiction.

Lucky for me, well over half of them were religious in nature, including an entire box full of bibles. I still managed to pick up seven, though, including three cookbooks, a copy of "Unbroken" which I've been meaning to get ever since it came out, and three reference books. I think Craig would've killed me if I'd brought more home, lol.

We didn't get home until close to 11:30, but we needed to have an early lunch because I had a hair appointment at 1. That was 2.5 hours of me time, which I sorely needed, plus my hair looks uber cute again. When I got home, I set to work to make a chunky tomato sauce for dinner. The tomatoes and basil that decided they didn't care we were letting the garden beds go fallow this year went insane while I was in North Carolina, so yesterday I picked a stockpot full of the ripest tomatoes to cook over the weekend. Yesterday was chili. Today, veggie red sauce over cabbage. I'll probably make Craig a tomato/basil soup for lunch tomorrow, and I'm still going to have a ton of tomatoes to use.

But now it's 7pm, and I'm a bit at a loss. Common sense tells me I should write, but I'm not feeling the urge. I'd love to go out and hang with friends, but, well, that would require having more than the couple I do. Craig's playing a new game that just came out today, so I'm probably not going to see him until it's time for bed. I doubt very much I'll get him to go with me to the gym in a little over an hour.

Is it horribly sad that I'm probably going to clean out a few cupboards on a Saturday night?