May 23rd, 2015

mood - shock (arnold fishy face)


I am in currently in panic mode. I had it in my head that the visit from my half-sister would be next Sunday. That's what I've been planning for months.

Half an hour ago, I got a text saying, "What time do you want us there tomorrow?"

I went running frantically to our Facebook messages where we'd discussed the dates, and lo and behold, there it is, she's here on the 24th, and I am not ready for her.

She's not arriving until about 2, so Craig and Alicia will be cleaning in the morning while I go out and get the groceries for the meal I promised her. She and her husband are spending the night, and there will be a lot of wine consumed, I imagine.

In the end, it's a very good thing she texted. If she'd arrived unannounced, I might've had a heart attack. Or worse, arrived and we weren't even here because we went out for the day. My friend L had a huge laugh about it all when I called to cancel the plans we'd made with her and her family tomorrow, because I don't make mistakes like this. I don't. I'm the one who keeps everybody else on track. And this was a HUGE mistake. I have no idea why I had it in my head for the 31st. It was just stuck there.