May 2nd, 2015

merlin - arthur hopeful: sallyna_smile

Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep.

Today was definitely better than yesterday.

We got up early so we could hit the first show of the new Avengers movie at 9:30. Cheaper and fewer crowds, so we could get a decent seat. Lucky for us we did because when we came out, the lines for the noon matinees were already insane. As for the movie itself, we all loved it. So much fun with the whole thing, and without spoiling anything specific, I'm just going to say I love Natasha even more than I did before. Seriously. Scarlett Johannson is my biggest girl crush right now, though she's held that spot for quite some time to be honest.

Then it was out to lunch, then home to do some cleaning before dinner, which was a light shrimp caesar salad to help counter our heavier lunch. Currently, we're ensconced in front of the TV, watching Day After Tomorrow, Craig's pick (he does love his disaster movies) because he's leaving for Barcelona tomorrow for a whole week.

I got the art I wanted in the second round of claiming at merlinreversebb. The artist says it's just a draft, but there's so much inspiration there, I didn't care at all. I'm not nearly as crunched as I thought I would be with commitments, either. I'm feeling pretty good about it.