March 16th, 2015

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Home again

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

I got home late last night, very relieved to get my bed back though apparently not everything ran completely smoothly while I was gone. Remember all that running around I did prior to leaving? Half of it was at Craig's request, like making sure the calendar was up to date with all commitments and getting groceries (including fruit and vegetables). Turns out, some of it was a waste of time.

Alicia missed her piano lesson on Friday because Craig got it into his head that nothing happened on Fridays and so never bothered to check the calendar. He has yet to call the teacher and apologize, because I refuse to do it for him.

Then, the fresh vegetables I bought? It wasn't a ton, just salad, red peppers, and green beans. None of it got eaten. Even worse, it all had to get thrown away this morning because it had gone off.

I made ONE request. I had a package I wanted to get out in Wednesday's post. It already had its postage so all he had to do was drop it into the post office or (even easier) at Office Depot. I left it in the middle of the dining room table. When I got home last night, not only was it in the exact same spot I left it, but he had placed the packages I received while I was gone all around it. *headthunk* They didn't hide it by any means, but he claims he forgot about it and then just never saw it there, even though it was in a blue bag that looked nothing like any of the packages that came.

Though today was the first day of the kids' spring break, it was also catch-up day. Alex's glasses came in, so we had to go pick those up. Then it was off to Safeway to get groceries to replace what I threw away. Alicia had softball practice and math lab so I had to run her to those, and I got the dog's physical scheduled. *Then* the oil light came onto my car so I called to get it serviced tomorrow.

I still have to schedule dentist appointments for next week; Alicia has softball games tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday; Craig's car needs servicing; and we've got the usual guitar and piano lessons scattered throughout the week.

One thing I do miss about San Antonio? The fact that I got five days with no sinus pain or sore throat. Within 12 hours of being home, my head/jaw/throat are all in pain already. I broke this afternoon and started using the Flonase as well as the Allegra. Supposedly, it takes a few days to start noticing a difference, so hopefully these damn symptoms will ease soon. I'm looking forward to going to Dallas in May, and man, I am totally pushing for spending time in Seattle when Alex is there this summer. These seasonal allergies suck.