March 10th, 2015

mood - pooped puppy: angstchic


I feel like I haven't stopped for two days. I still have to finish my packing tonight, but I'm waiting on a package from Amazon that's supposed to be delivered some time in the next 90 minutes before I can get too deep into it. I'm going to the head to the gym after Alicia gets home from her night class, too, mostly because I really need it and the hotel in San Antonio doesn't have a workout room. I've put together a couple body weight routines so I'm not completely on my ass for the next five days, and I'm near the riverwalk, so I'll be able to take a walk Friday night at least. Saturday's full, and then I come home on Sunday. So much work for such a short trip, lol.

I just want to escape from the world for a few days. The news is depressing as hell, and yet oddly unsurprising that certain politicians would resort to such backstabby methods or that certain Texans would have racist attitudes. The kids start their two weeks of spring break this weekend, so at least I won't have school runs right away when I return. I suppose that's something.

I'm overwhelmed right now. Can you tell, lol?