February 17th, 2015

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After the long weekend

We had a great time at the gaming con this weekend. Both kids had a blast, and I sat in on a couple of seminars that might actually help with my writing. It ran all the way through yesterday, though Craig and I snuck out last night for a movie, just the two of us. We went and saw Kingsman, which we both really enjoyed. I loves me some Colin Firth, but it had so much else going for it. It's escapist and over the top, but considering who made it (the guys who did Kickass), it's really to be expected. If you're a fan of that style, I definitely recommend it.

My other news? Alex got his SAT scores back. His scores were great. He got 570 each in math and English, and 500 on his writing. That's better than the average high school senior entering an engineering program at university in 2014. Needless to say, we're really proud of him, and he's excited because this more than qualifies him for the summer programs that Alicia's been doing the past two years. Alicia got a little annoyed that his scores were better than hers when she took it in 7th grade, but we reminded her that she gets better grades so it all balances out, lol.

Between Alicia's birthday, Valentine's Day, and the convention, I've been bad with food and no exercise the past week. I'm finding it hard to want to go tonight, too. My hip hasn't hurt in days, even with all the walking, and I know that's temporary, but it's hard to be motivated when I feel better and there's other things I'd rather do. Ack. I need to stop procrastinating and get back on the wagon.