February 13th, 2015

merlin - arthur hopeful: sallyna_smile


I'm taking my kids to their very first con this weekend. It's a gaming convention about a half hour away called DunDraCon. It's not just about RPG, but board and card games, too, which we're pretty mad about in this family. They have a teen room as well, as well as seminars and live demos for LARPs.

Craig teased me about inducting Alex into full-blown geek at the age of 13, lol. But the truth is, he loves games. This is his thing. Why would I stifle that? And Alicia really wants to do it, too. So after her softball tryouts tomorrow afternoon, we'll go over and likely get the weekend pass since it goes through Monday. I won't be able to go on Monday since somebody has to make sure there are clean clothes and food for the week, but hey, maybe that'll mean I can get work done without interruptions.

Or watch a lot of movies in between everything else. One of those. ;)