January 22nd, 2015

mood - frustrated: awmp

More hours, please

I had a minor meltdown last night over the scheduling in my family. Alicia's is out of control, and I needed to add pitching lessons to it somehow, and I was going nuts because we had no central place for anyone to note anything except my head. She has an Academic Decathlon meet this weekend all about speeches, and until this afternoon, the idiotic advisor teacher couldn't even tell the parents whether it was going to be in the morning or the afternoon. How am I supposed to arrange travel if I don't know when she's supposed to be there? Forget the fact that Alex is also taking the SAT on Saturday, and Alicia's softball team is having its first practice. It was no wonder I lost it.

But several hours later, we got a Google calendar in place for all of us to access, so anyone can tell at a glance what is going on and can make changes as they occur. It is long overdue. We have become one of those overscheduled families I always swore we would never be. And I don't know how. Alicia's involvement is limited to just a few activities, but with her additional class at the college and the fact that music alone ends up booking an obscene amount of time, it's barely manageable. And all Alex has is music (band, piano, guitar) and an after school GATE class. So where is all our time going?

*deep breath*

I registered for a writing convention in March today. It happens just before the kids start spring break. I'll be honest. I want to go because I have a story that is a final for one of their annual awards so I want to get dressed up for the banquet/awards ceremony, but I also really want to go just to get away from the insanity for a few days. Is that too selfish of me?