November 20th, 2014

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December Talking Meme

I saw this on falena84's LJ and really love the idea since it feels like I natter on about stuff only I care about most of the time, lol.

Pick a date below and give me a topic, and I'll ramble on. It can be fandom-related or not. Any topic is fair game. Feel free to request more than one, too.

December 1: Things I like about Outlander and things I don't like so much (falena84)
December 2: Musical theatre. Which shows are closest to my heart and why? Which ones do you come back to over and over? Do I have more than one Broadway/London Original Cast recordings of the "same" show? (dozytart)
December 3:
December 4:
December 5: Let's talk about Mad Men. (cindergal)
December 6:
December 7: My favorite album/CD (brunettepet)
December 8:
December 9:
December 10: 5 things (or more/fewer the number is just random) I wish I could have told my younger self when I became a mum. (falena84)
December 11: How do I feel about yoga. Before I took a class, after I took a class. How 'bout meditation? Have I tried it, do I like it? (manoah)
December 12: What was the best gift anyone's every given me? (brunettepet)
December 13:
December 14:
December 15: What do I think about reincarnation in my various randoms (maryperk73703)
December 16: Talk about 3 things (items) not my kids, husband, family or home, that make me smile/laugh when I see them. (teragramm)
December 17:
December 18:
December 19:
December 20:
December 21: Talk about fandom(s), what they mean to me and how I think my life would have been different if I never got involved in fandom(s). I can, if I want to, talk in general or give specific info for different fandoms. (teragramm)
December 22:
December 23:
December 24:
December 25:
December 26:
December 27: Of all the fandoms I've been in, what's my all time favorite couple? (legendarytobes)
December 28:
December 29:
December 30:
December 31: