September 18th, 2014

cooking: sunlitdays

Lamb Souvlaki

Clean eating is being good to me this week. Our summer of stress packed on the pounds, so this month-long diet bet I'm doing has been a godsend. Sunday night, I made a lamb souvlaki (without pita) and a skinny apple cake that were both amazing. The cake also has a glaze but I didn't make it. We all agreed it didn't need it. Even the next day, it was ultra moist, and I've been asked to make it a regular thing this fall.

The souvlaki is out of an older WW cookbook and went straight to the top of Craig's request list. He's not a fan of tzatziki, so we all just ate it straight off the skewers, but man, so much flavor. I had to add a little bit of salt to mine, but nobody else did. I served it with a Greek veggie salad that really finished it off.

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