September 8th, 2014

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Monday, Monday

We got rough news over the weekend. It's unlikely my FIL will be coming over for Christmas. His SIL - his brother's wife/Craig's aunt - has been diagnosed with severe liver disease that has spread to her stomach and probably only has a few months to live. He wants to be there for them and will likely delay coming to see us until March. Craig said we probably won't go over there for the holiday since flight costs are so insane, especially for four of us, so it'll be a quiet year at home.

spikesgurl leaves after lunch today. This weekend was all about her. We went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy on Friday night (loved it), then a ton of shopping over the weekend. And food. We're always really bad when it comes to food, lol.

But that means I have to buckle down this afternoon and start that other story that's due. It's tough when I was bunnied for a different story this weekend. Damn it.