August 4th, 2014

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Back to the Monday grind

Supposedly, we're getting rain the next two days. Temperatures were 100+ over the weekend and today/tomorrow is only supposed to be in low 70s. That's a relief, though not nearly enough for our severe drought conditions, but it's back up to 100+ this coming weekend again anyway. *sigh*

I used my dehydrator for the first time this weekend and made beef jerky. Craig has decided he's never buying jerky again, lol. It was an experimental batch - I didn't follow a specific recipe, just the process - so we got different cuts of lean meat yesterday to see what we like best. Still, all of it got eaten. Alicia shared some with her team yesterday at the softball tournament, and they demanded she bring more, lol.

Speaking of Alicia, they ended up in a tournament playing the 16 y/os and did surprisingly well. They even managed to win twice out of the five games they played, which considering they're all 13 and 14 playing 15 and 16 y/os we were pretty impressed by.