July 23rd, 2014

tv - pretty (wes/fred): behindblue_eyes

Guilty pleasures

I fear I might be getting sick again. :( Sore throat is back, sneezing, general fatigue. I went to bed early and I'm going to take it easy in hopes this is just a cold I can shake quickly rather than the strep taking a mini-vacation and coming back for seconds.

So one of the things that happened yesterday and Monday was I got caught up on three weeks of General Hospital. It's my guilty pleasure--I grew up on it and love it to pieces--and Alicia watches with me so she asked that I take a break until she got back so we could continue to watch together. My current soap crush is a guy who really didn't impress me when he came on. He was an ex-underwear model and his lack of experience showed.

Then they paired him with Maxie and all of a sudden, he showed promise. He's the main reason I'm watching right now, and though he's still no Oscar winner, he's improving. But come on, look at this guy:

Those eyes are so damn blue, too. And while he's a cop on the show, he jogs topless and showers more than any other character I've ever seen, lol. They are taking full advantage of that body, that's for sure.