July 18th, 2014

btvs - xander puppetangel: awmp


I turned the TV on this morning in the middle of "I Only Have Eyes for You." One of my favorite episodes from S2. My friend L tells me that we'll be able to pick up on our Buffy watch when her daughter starts pre-school in August, but I've waited three years for her so I'm not holding my breath. If it doesn't happen, I'm totally going to do it on my own. I've waited too long.

I'm trying to be more proactive about date nights with Craig, but there aren't a lot of options in our small corner of the east bay. We always have the option of going into San Francisco, but that requires time and planning, two things we don't always have. So in my searches for options a little closer that aren't just the same old dinner and/or a movie, I've found a couple possibilities including a dueling piano bar and an indie cinema that shows classics and serves alcohol/food. Both are about half an hour away. I'm coming up short on other ideas, though. What do people do on dates if you want to get out for a couple hours anymore, lol?