May 3rd, 2014

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Science is cool

I follow a lot of osteoarthritis research, because education is an important thing. It tends to most of the same, but yesterday, an article showed up discussing some findings at the Experimental Biology meeting in April. In it, they talk about researchers have finally developed living human cartilage using 3D bioprinting technology.

That's huge for OA sufferers.

It's not unique in the 3D bioprinting research arena. It's fascinating what is being contemplated and attempted. The scope for what 3D bioprinting could mean to medicine is astronomical. Growing cartilage is just a small part of the much grander scheme.

But it still excites me to no end. Because this seems like one of the areas more likely to be developed. This could be a huge fiscal boon for those who put the money behind the research, making it more viable for them to pursue, and thus accessible for those of us who could benefit from it.