March 31st, 2014

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Move it, move it

In spite of having some real issues with my hip the past couple weeks - I wonder if all the walking in Vegas exacerbated it, honestly - I'm going to get back to gentle yoga today and start up the aqua fit classes again this week. The yoga class only has one convenient time for me, and since I don't feel like I can trust my leg, doing stuff in the water is my best bet. The food seems to be mostly under control and my scale is showing that finally. Next up is trying to figure out how to move. And since I'm paying for the gym and don't trust equipment yet...yeah, water and yoga are my best options.

Kids are back at school today, so the routine returns, at least for a few weeks. Hope Monday is good for all of you!
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So yoga this morning was too easy again, though the one thing about it I absolutely love is how strong I feel just a couple hours after it's over. I've been holding off on trying one of the other yoga classes because I just don't have the strength and my mobility is limited on my left side, but as I was waiting for class to start, I saw a notice that they've added a true beginner yoga class that meets on Tuesday mornings. So I stuck around after class to talk to the instructor about it.

Erica is an absolute doll and a big part of why I enjoy going to the gentle yoga class so much. She told me if I wanted to do it, that I should definitely try. I have the flexibility for it and I can build up the strength, and the instructor who is conducting the class is very gentle and easy to work with. She'll understand my limitations. Erica's of the opinion that I could more than handle the yin yang yoga at this point, too, but she supports my decision to work up to that by hopping into the beginner class first.

So I'm going to do that, starting tomorrow. I'm more than a little excited about the prospect, actually.