March 30th, 2014

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

It was all worth it

Craig is home, though not without a little drama in getting him. My low tire pressure came on while we were on the highway to SFO, and I might sound silly, but I have never been driving a car when that happened before. I've never even checked my tire pressure. I had a mild freakout while I called people to find out how much I had to worry, but since the car wasn't pulling or driving funny, we decided to drive through.

Not that it ended up mattering much that we made good time. Immigration was backed up insanely yesterday at SFO. It took Craig almost two hours just to get through the line, so we sat in the cell phone lot for ninety minutes because I'd planned the drive to coincide with him being completely done (heh, we're old pros at this). But then we got him, we stopped at a gas station where he taught me hot to check the tire pressure, and we were off home. We got home around eight when it should've been a little after six.

Today is being lazy bums and just hanging out together. I have to run to the grocery story and do laundry, but other than that, I see TV and games in our day. Not too shabby. :)