October 16th, 2013

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Yesterday was back in the writing saddle, and though I managed to get 1500 words done, I realized at the end of the day that they weren't working. Neither of the two stories I'd begun (one original, one fic) were really motivating me. So today is scrapping all of that and starting over. Hopefully it won't bite me in the butt.

I can't talk about TV because we are dreadfully behind on everything. Craig is too busy this week with work to sit and watch the family programs and Alicia has a softball tournament this weekend which means no tv then, either. We haven't even been able to watch the first episode of SHIELD yet. The only show I'm all caught up on is Bones and that's only because I'm the only person watching it. *sigh* I can say I've dropped a few shows already, but considering nobody else was watching them anyway, it doesn't matter in the long run.

Is it sad the highlight of my day yesterday was doing a thorough clean of my bathroom/vanity when I had to put away all the toiletries from our vacation? I had a garbage bag full of stuff I threw away, including the tackle box I've had for almost 15 years that I used to use for storing make-up. I haven't used it in three years and for some reason had never thrown it out. It is now gone, and my vanity is all the happier for it.
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Transgender book recommendations

When I saw this on Twitter, I immediately retweeted it. And because I think it's a good list to share, I'm telling everyone about it here.

On her blog, Malinda Lo posted a list of 10 books by transgender authors about transgender characters, all of which were YA friendly. I'm familiar with a few of the titles - isn't Kate Bornstein considered a must-read these days for trans stories? - but I'm excited about several new to me options, like the Kicked Out collection and Nevada by Imogen Binnie. Those are in my shopping cart right now.

Go check it out. If you haven't read any trans work, I challenge you to try it. Every voice deserves to be heard.