September 26th, 2013

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Old dogs, old tricks

I am nowhere near being ready to leave tomorrow. Yikes.

Last week, the first of the online courses I signed up for began. It's called A Global History of Architecture, and it is not what I was expecting at all. It's far more anthropologically based than I anticipated, and while it makes sense in context of what he's trying to do, it took me by surprise. Know what else took me by surprise? How much reading was involved. Each week, there are three 45 minute lectures, just like if I was physically enrolled and having to go to a lecture hall, with associated homework/review questions and roughly 100-150 pages of reading of the textbook to go with those three lectures.

The homework/review is really easy. Because it's all done at my own pace, I chose last week to do all the reading first and then watch the lectures. Turns out, that was the smart move. I already knew/was familiar with most of what he talked about, which made it easy to breeze through.

It's the time commitment that really threw me for a loop. I probably should've known better, if I'd thought about it more. We have a week to get everything done, and I got everything accomplished by Friday night, but only because that's what I did in the evenings. With all the new TV starting and getting ready for Florida, I haven't even managed to finish this week's reading yet. I should still get it all done. My goal is to finish the reading today/tomorrow, then do the lectures after we get to the house on Saturday.

But man, I'm out of practice. It's nice having to exercise my brain in new/old ways, but it wasn't necessarily fun at first.