September 19th, 2013

cooking - cookie andrew: blond_bear

Baking today

I get to bake today! Which is dangerous because I have weigh-in tomorrow morning, but I have a fat/sore upper lip from biting it Tuesday night so maybe that'll keep me honest, lol.

The kids' fall band concert is tomorrow night, complete with silent auction to raise money for their spring trips and a bake sale. I went a little mad sending stuff in for the auction, so I've decided to do the same for the bake sale. On the agenda are cookies & cream rice krispie treats, dark chocolate Halloween cupcakes, snickerdoodles, and caramel apple popcorn crunch. I won't do all of it today, but all the base work - cupcakes made so can decorate tomorrow, rice krispie treats made to frost tomorrow, and the crunch. Then tomorrow will be cookies and decorating.