September 17th, 2013

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Weird sleep

I had the weirdest sleep night. Something aggravated my sinuses last night out on Lucy's walk so that by the time I got home, I was sneezing like a madwoman and my nose wouldn't stop running. I couldn't breathe well, so I took an antihistamine and went to bed. What followed was hours of half-sleeping and writing in my head. I got up at 2am wide awake, and finally gave up at 6am to just get up for good. I'm all clear now, though my nose is still itchy, but it's that weird place of being tired and not tired enough to sleep. Like when I have a fever. Weird.

On the plus side, my brain wouldn't let go of the WIP I've been struggling with and now I've got huge chunks of it in my head so all I have to do is get them out some time today. I say some time. I have errands like crazy to do, then Alicia has a game after school. So I'm not even sure when I'm going to be able to fit in writing.