August 3rd, 2013

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A lazy weekend ahead of us, well, me anyway. Alicia and I have hair appointments this afternoon, but otherwise, I'm planning on writing, reading, and relaxing for the most part. I've been fighting some stomach bug all week, though this morning seems to be a bit better, so hopefully I'm on the outside end of that.

Craig and Alicia, on the other hand, are spending the weekend in construction. He wants to build a platform/ladder combo for the pool, because frankly, climbing ladders scares the crap out of me. I'm clumsy on my best day, and getting out with wet feet on the narrow risers for the ladder we have? I'm surprised I haven't slipped yet and broken my neck.

The kids' first week of school went well. Alicia's started out tryouts for the school softball team, and the coach asked to talk to me yesterday. Alicia has been playing fairly well over the past few years, but the girls that are *really* serious about softball are involved in what's called travel ball year 'round. It's an intense program, a real time suck, and Alicia has specifically chosen not to get involved because it would mean giving up chorus and band, which she doesn't want to do. So she's in this awkward place where she's better than the average girl, but not quite up to the same speed as the travel girls. Her coach wanted to talk to me about her options, which we already knew. She's still in the running for the team, but who knows what will happen. I guess we'll see how it all pans out at the end of next week.
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A fantastic ad

Occasionally, when I'm stuck on an idea, I'll go trolling through Craigslist to see if something inspires me. It's not usually a specific thing, but rather free-association that turns my brain in a new direction.

The other night, I found one of my favorite ads ever. It's from a guy in his early 30s, and it's charming and quirky. Hell, if I was single and younger, I would've been answering this one in a heartbeat, lol:

"I have always been a nerdy, bookish type too busy chasing windmills to bother with dating and truth be told, more comfortable around books than human beings. While I have always been introverted, that has begun to change as I have matured and come to more or less accept myself for who I am.

I love books, film but have recently taken to lifestyle change and added working out to my list of hobbies, losing about 80 lbs in the last year. I think pirates are superior to ninjas unless they happen to be robot ninjas, then it's a pretty tough call.

I consider myself to be a creative type, and love to write as well as draw and paint. If im not busy being shy, I am usually cracking jokes. I recently started my own business which takes most of my time not spent spoiling my pug with attention and snacks (he really loves shoes) reading or writing and an occasional hour or two spent gaming. I really need to get back on the workout wagon, but I have mostly been focusing on controlling my diet and not putting the weight I lost back on.

I am interested in a girl in her twenties to mid thirties, find glasses and funky hair colors a turn on, and prefer short girls. A little extra meat on her bones is also appreciated but by no means mandatory. A love of dogs is appreciated as well, though I love cats too (even though my cat I owned in college got me arrested, the hooligan!) and if this hypothetical girl has a plan to survive the zombie apocalypse even better."

Whoever this guy is, I really hope he finds someone he clicks with. :)