March 2nd, 2013

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Tonight, Craig, Alex, and I went and saw a production of Singin' in the Rain at my favorite, not-in-San-Francisco local theater. I would've gone just because I love the movie and the venue, but I had extra incentive to see this particular show.

See, I discovered that the part of Cosmo (Donald O'Connor in the movie) was being played by a guy I went to college with. Someone I'd been in three shows with back in the day. Someone I haven't seen since 1994. But freakily enough...

Someone who lives in the exact same county I do here in California, when both of us went to college in southeast Michigan.

We didn't discover this until a couple months ago after a chance run-in on Facebook through a mutual college friend. We were both boggled at the odds. So I just had to go see him tonight. I had a grin through the whole show. He hasn't changed a bit, and big liar that he is, he told me the same thing when we met up at the stage door afterwards. :)

It's a small world, but then I already knew that. I found that out when I met sadbhyl which was a whole 'nother world of coincidences. ;)