November 24th, 2012

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I've been remiss in posting, though I'm still reading. Part of it is me being terrified LJ is going to be dead in a few months because of all the changes. Part of it is being busy, I guess.

Life in listy form:

1. Problems with toes and hands is old-fashioned osteoarthritis. Which sucks but at least it's manageable.
2. I ate too much over Thanksgiving and feel awful, so fat and undesirable that my mood has been plummeting as a result. Plus, achy which doesn't help.
3. On the plus side, lots of writing done. It's good to have my muse back. I've missed her.
4. I spilled a margarita on my laptop over the holiday. Now, the left hand side of my keyboard is crunchy and sticky. At least I didn't kill it.
5. Merlin is making me sad this season.
6. Alicia is rocking 7th grade. All As first term. Alex had some trouble with his teacher in regards to his concentration levels, which has demanded a reordering of our home life to get him back on track. That being said, he still got the math award for his class for first term.
7. I'm getting impatient and cranky in my old age. My patience for other people in my real life has been waning, which isn't good when I want them to remain in my life.
8. I miss having someone like Pepper in my life.