September 30th, 2012

mood - pooped puppy: angstchic

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So I just took a 3.5 hour unexpected nap. Considering I've been averaging 4-6 hours of sleep a night for the past three weeks, even when I was in the worst of my cold, with no naps during the day, it was probably time. My body clearly needed it.

I did not need the horrible dreams that came with it, though.

Stupid neck is still tender. Not quite as bad as yesterday and this morning, though. Clavicle hurts like a bitch. Had a coughing fit that left me gagging. I know I need to keep on trucking, but it's tough. I have one more day of the z-pack left, and it continues working for 5 days after that, so as long as there is continued improvement, I just have to trust what it's doing for now. It was just a heavyduty infection, apparently. I hope.