September 18th, 2012

mood - morning person: elz

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Hormones suck. Been argumentative and blue today, for no real good reason, and I hate it.

I have a doctor's appointment on Friday so I can get a referral to a podiatrist. The foot with the bad toe has a bunion, one I've had for over a decade, and it's getting worse, so I think it's time to start talking surgery. If it happens, I'm going to aim for after the New Year, since it's an 8-week recovery time, and January/February is really my only window where it's not a total disaster if I have limited mobility. I have two cons in the spring, one in March and one in May, so being recovered for those would be ideal.

A few weeks ago, a lovely Italian woman began translating Beg the Liquid Red for non-English speaking readers. She's been translating/copying the reviews to Elysian Fields so I can read them, and man, it feels good. It doesn't help that my friend L and I are two episodes away from Crush in my rewatch. It's selfish, most likely, but my Spuffy corner has been hands-down my favorite fandom experience. I made so many good friends there. I miss it all the time. I actually joined up over at sb_fag_ends last night on impulse because of it. I don't know if anything will happen from it--I get these moods often--but it's another community for me to read at least.