July 27th, 2012

cooking: sunlitdays

Dill macaroni salad

So one of the things I had on my schedule to do when we got back was eating better. We indulged way too much in the UK, and with the stress of everything, I hadn't been as good with meal plans and logging as I'd been last year. Things have been back on track this week, starting with grilling a lot of meat on Sunday to eat this week as well as preparing healthy, raw veg. Since we ran through most of that by yesterday, I needed to cook last night.

I've a ton of recipes to try from my Food Network calendar, so last night was one of those. Both turned out to be keepers. We had turkey garden burgers and a dill macaroni salad, perfect for this hot weather.

Craig said he preferred my couscous/black bean salad, but sometimes a pasta salad just hits the spot. This one is sharp but not heavy, and I helped make it lower calorie by modifying the original recipe a little bit.

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