June 29th, 2012

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

A life with intent

It's been a quiet week since we got back from Wales, not that I'm complaining. Tomorrow, we finally head into London to see Noises Off, and, if the weather holds, taking the kids to the Tower beforehand since they were too young the last time they saw it to really remember much. If we go, I'll take pictures.

One of the things that happened on our drive to and from Wales last weekend was what Craig had downloaded for us to listen to. He's a podcast junkie, and since he was driving, he got to pick. Well, he downloaded a ton of TED talks, many of which were sensational. Obviously the one that had visuals we didn't really listen to, but some of them didn't need it.

This was one of them.

John Hockenberry is a journalist, and the talk is called, "We are all designers." It's about how intent makes all the difference. Trust me, it's worth it.